What is Esthetic Dentistry?

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Esthetic dentistry implies a series of different procedures and processes which are applied in order to achieve a wanted aesthetic result.
Every dental intervention nowadays has an aesthetic imperative. The most common interventions in the mouth are teeth whitening, making of ceramic veneers, and placement of composite fillings.

Teeth whitening

There are many different ways of teeth whitening in a dental practice.
Application of a Zoom Lamp is certainly the most efficient one.

The whole treatment is performed during one visit. Three intervals of 15 minutes are enough to whiten the teeth of both jaws.

The alternative method implies the application of gel using silicone sheet. 7 to 10 days is necessary to achieve wanted results by using this method. Both methods guarantee the perfect whitening.


Veneers are thin ceramic or composite forms which are glued to the surface of the tooth.
Veneers can be made of different materials but the most common one is ceramics because it is firm enough, stable and has a natural appearance. The difference between a ceramic crown and a veneer is that only the front surface of the tooth is grinded with veneers.

With ceramic veneers we resolve the aesthetic disadvantages of the teeth, while, with the ceramic crowns, we also resolve the functional disadvantages.

Composite seals

Composite seals can repair and even embellish front and lateral teeth without grinding.
Modern materials allow us a high aesthetical effect by using a complete color spectrum.

  • Teeth whitening
  • Esthetic fillings
  • Teeth jewelry